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Why Ceramic Coating is A Great Investment

For most car owners, a simple wax and wash gets the job done when it comes to cleaning their car. This method won't make your car as sleek and glossy as before, but ceramic coating might just do the trick. Ceramic coating is made of a liquid polymer that uses nanotechnology to fill in tiny pores within your car's paint. This leaves an invisible shield on your car that protects against any scratches or pollutants. Ceramic coating is the newest innovation in car cleaning, and its impressive results cannot be ignored.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

How much can a ceramic coating job do for your vehicle? Take a look at these perks:

Enhanced protection. Ceramic coating is highly effective at protecting your car from minor scratches and dents. It's hydrophobic and UV ray resistant, meaning that excess water or sunlight won't make your paint job fade. Most importantly, it protects against harmful chemicals found in cheap car cleaners, gasoline, and bird droppings. Long-lasting. Waxing your car will protect your paint job in a pinch, but only last for a few months. A standard coating will keep your car protected for a few years at best. Ceramic coating is designed to last for many years - in most cases, one application is all you need! Refreshes the paint job. If you've ever wanted to emulate the sleek and shiny exterior of cars in commercials, ceramic coating is the way to go. While it won't erase prior damage such as swirl marks or haze, it will still sparkle just as much as a fresh coat of paint. Less car cleanings. Because dirt and debris will have a hard time sticking to the coating, you'll find that cleaning your car's exterior will take much less time than before.

Despite these great benefits, the high price tag of ceramic coating can be an obstacle for some. A professional application will cost anywhere from $500-$2000. However, when you take into account that quarterly waxings will be a thing of the past, ceramic coating is simply the most cost-effective option.

Ready to get ceramic coating for your vehicle? Call us today for a fast appointment!

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