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What Shade of Window Tint Should You Use?

Nearly every one of our customers asks us what shade of window tint is right for their vehicle. Although we cannot select the shade of window tint for you, we would be happy to help you make the right decision for your vehicle and needs.

You have several choices when choosing a shade of window tint. We keep 70%, 35%, 20%, 18%, and 5% tints in stock at all times. If you are interested in a different shade, give us a call.

How does window tint work?

Window tint works by reflecting, absorbing, and transmitting light from the sun. When choosing a shade, you will notice that a percentage designates them. This percentage represents the light passing through the film and into your vehicle. So, a 70% share of window tint blocks 30% of the light we see.

Have you ever noticed how it is hard to see into a vehicle with tinted windows, but it is easy to see from the inside out? This is due to how tint film is manufactured.

Choosing a Shade of Window Tint

You must take the time to consider different tint shades before making your final decision:

1. Why are you tinting your windows?

You may want to tint your windows for any number of reasons, but choosing the right shade requires you to balance your needs with tint performance.

Dark window tints can dramatically enhance the look of your vehicle. Many customers comment about how much better their vehicles look after applying tint. While this may simply be a positive result for some people, others choose dark window tint specifically for improved looks.

Hot vehicles can benefit greatly from a darker tint, but areas with less sun yearly may be better off with a lighter tint.

2. Do you drive a lot at night?

Many people have different opinions on whether dark tint impedes night driving enough to justify a lighter tint. Any shade of tint that you choose will result in some level of reduction in nighttime visibility, but most shades of tint go unnoticed.

“Limo,” or 5% tint, might be too dark for some individuals. It’s all a matter of preference.

3. Are there any tint laws that may affect your decision?

One thing that you should consider is whether there are state laws that dictate the legality of window tinting. Some states have very specific rules for window tinting and what shades are legal. Here are New Jersey's tint laws.

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