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Why Should You Protect Your Vehicle with PPF?

Does your car have paint protection film? It’s more important than you think! Scratches from debris like pebbles and dirt, car cleaners, bug or bird droppings, and even the sun’s UV rays can wear down the paint on your vehicle. A good layer of paint protection will leave your car looking as shiny and new as the day you took it home.

Paint protection film is a worthwhile investment, whether you have a brand new Maserati or a Honda you’ve owned for a decade. The film is made of urethane and can be applied to your entire vehicle. This thick layer of film acts as a shield against anything that can damage your car’s gorgeous paint job.

Once you start using paint protection film, or “clear bra,” you’ll start to notice some big changes:

  • Protection against chemicals and scratches: Scratches and environmental elements like excessive sunshine can make your car lose its vibrant color faster, even leading to rust. With paint protection film, your car is fully protected.

  • Easier to clean: Tired of having to blast your car with water to remove dirt? The paint protection film will repel dust, making cleaning a breeze.

  • Glossy, polished exterior: Your car will stand out with paint protection film, and you’re sure to receive a lot of compliments! This is important for many car owners since their cool and stylish vehicle is often a reflection of their personality.

  • Save on repairs: Those little chips and dents can build up over time, leading to a costly repair bill. With paint protection film in place, you’ll hardly have to worry about repairing exterior damage.

  • The resale value increases: You’ll have problems reselling even a luxury sports car if the paint job is bad enough. This defensive layer will ensure that your resale value doesn’t fall and may even increase over time.

Ready to add paint protection film to your car or truck? Contact us today!

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