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Car Detailing and Paint Correction

Automotive Specialty Wraps offers complete interior and exterior detailing. We use a variety of proven products to give you the best possible results.

We actually like cars and are car people and we take care of every customers car as if it were our own. 


We guarantee all of our work and if you are ever dissatisfied with our work we will take care of it immediately. 


Exterior Details

We offer everything from basic hand washes to full paint corrections. Each car is unique, so why get a service that is generic for every car? We carefully check each car to make sure the proper job is performed to make your car look perfect and to be protected for years to come.

Interior Details

We understand everyone is busy and sometimes it gets difficult to keep your interior clean. Just like with our exterior details, every interior is different. Call us to see how we can help bring some life back into your interior.


Paint Corrections

Proper maintenance of your cars paint is becoming harder and harder to find these days due to streamline car washes and the ease of how quick they are. Unfortunately most people are unaware of the damage they are actually doing to their paint. Automotive paint is fragile and needs careful maintenance and proper attention to make sure it stays protected. Swirl marks, scratches, water spots, bird dropping stains and salt are all avoidable and can be corrected. After each correction your paint will be bare and exposed to the elements. Every correction should have at least a sealant or a ceramic coating applied over top to have long lasting results.

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