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Window tint installation on a Porsche at Autotmotive Specialty Wraps in Fair Lawn, New Jersey NJ


If you're in the market for window tinting services, SunTek offers two product lines that utilize cutting-edge carbon technology: the CXP (CarbonXP) Series and the Evolve (Ceramic) Series. Of the two, we recommend the Evolve Series for luxury vehicles and those with heightened performance demands. This series employs a non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology that provides superior performance and heat rejection.

Both the CXP Series and the Evolve Series feature a rich black, non-reflective tint that is backed by the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, these films block 99% of harmful UV rays, providing much-needed protection from the sun's damaging rays.

While both product lines offer high-quality performance, the Evolve Series goes the extra mile in maintaining interior vehicle comfort. This is thanks to its higher level of solar energy rejection, which translates to better heat rejection and glare reduction. For vehicle owners who spend a significant amount of time on the road, are concerned about interior cracking and fading, or simply want to feel a more significant temperature difference after upgrading their automotive glass with window tint, the Evolve Series is an excellent choice.

No matter which product line you choose, you can rest assured that your tint will stand the test of time and retain its bold, black color for years to come. With SunTek's advanced ceramic technology, you can upgrade your vehicle's appearance and improve its performance without breaking the bank.

SunTek Window Tint comparison chart. Evolve, CXP, Ceramic, and Carbon tint.
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